Don’t Call Me Pretty

too many vowels
too many meanings
too many times said.
Call me beautiful
and ill doubt you forever.
Call me something striking-
call me Terrible
like Ivan
it means great, terrifying-
I want to be awe-inspiring
like an indrawn
at one of the seven wonders.
Call me horrifying
because I can use a chainsaw
to tear your heart
in two.
I want to be called vicious,
mind-numbing violence
like the lion
right before he strikes.
Raw and real
and ruled by instinct.
Don’t call me wild,
like a drunk teenage girl
on prom night.
Call me untamable-
Swaying in the wind,
bending with the currents.
Give me all your adjectives
all the disgusting English language.
Because I am a wreck,
an animal,
a conquerer,
a dictator
and I don’t need to be called
beautiful to be any of it.


When did happiness
become a hedge-maze,
an unattainable force
pulling tired, hopeful bones
through calendar pages
of dead ends.

When did the walls
become so lofty,
extending for eternities,
lined with cracked mirrors,
distorting smiles into frowns
no matter the angle.
― (via lucyquin)
Reverence for the Terrible

I’ve only seen one miracle-
and it was the earth battle itself.
I sat beachside in a storm,
but as I dig my toes deeper into the sand
I watch as the waves
advance like an army to battle.
The waves took deep heaving breaths in
and threw up their hands
like a last amen.
I saw the sky’s answer,
heard the stampeding thunder
the rattling hopes of the sky in prayer.
The clouds punished with lightening
but the sea didn’t recoil or flinch
but flung itself higher in desperation.
But the only response was a torrent
of spiderwebbed energy,
and the sea was still confessing sins
during the downpour.



thorny records
corny, check hordes
of worn-out
banal thoughts
same chords outlawed,
it all sounds 80’s,
heard tracks before,
dad had it on vinyl,
grooves on grooves,
when hearts ran loose
with words like
‘meat is murder’
and ‘god save the queen 
the facist regime’
replaced by identikit
emotions, two-bit
hackneyed notions
of what sells.


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